Sale! Waikato Milk Meter for Goats & Sheep

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Accurate milk yield for each animal each milking DHIA and ICAR approved
With a history spanning over 30 years, the Waikato MKV milk meter series has a reputation second to none. Easy to connect to any milking system, it delivers accurate yield and proportional samples for precise analysis.
Goats and Sheep can be performance tested with this DHIA certified meter. Works with bucket milking systems and pipeline milking systems. Milk sampling port and mounting hardware included.
Installs inline between your milking unit and the bucket or pipeline. An additional section of milk hose is required. The silicone hose at the link below is recommended.
Standard scale is in Liters - Pound scale is included DHIA and ICAR approved
Wedge mounting kit shown below is included. An additional mounting kit is recommended for storage in the milk room
Detail image is a large closeup view.