Spare Parts Kit for DeLaval® bucket Milker - plastic milk hose - medium bore

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Replacement parts kit that fits Cow Bucket Milkers sold by DeLaval® using an 06 shell.
All items meet Grade A and FDA specs for commercial dairy use in the USA and Canada (this is 1 of 4 kits available - see links below for other kits with silicone milk hose and narrow bore liners) Medium bore liners that fit 06 shell (see photos at left and link below)
Items included:
  • 3 foot of clear plastic 5/8 I.D.  Transflow brand milk tubing is made from high quality food grade plastics. Long Lasting. FDA approved. Blue Stripe. 1090-005
  • 3.1 foot 9/32 twin clear pulsation hose (38 inches) 7750-0112-618
  • 1 Hose Clip 7036-9926-060e
  • 4 medium bore Liners (inflations) 25034
  • 4 short air tubes - 1090-201
  • Lid gasket (1041) (smaller lid gasket is available for older milkers - Call if you need the smaller gasket)
  • 8 foot clear thick wall vacuum tubing  1/2 I.D.  Clear so you can clean it or change it when the inside gets dirty. 1090-002
Kit provides 3 feet from the udder to the bucket lid. If you want longer hoses, call when ordering and we will make your kit a custom size. Keep in mind, the shorter your milk hoses, the easier it is to keep them clean. These items are not made by DeLaval®. This kit is made from quality aftermarket replacement parts sold satisfaction guaranteed.
Hamby Dairy Supply is not an authorized reseller of DeLaval brand parts.
All items available individually
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