Spare Parts Kit for NuPulse Original Cow Bucket Milker

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Black milk hose discontinued 2023
making this kit obsolete.  all other items in stock individually
Spare parts kit for NuPulse Cow bucket milker with Original claw
- (4) MZ10057 Liners (inflations) note; these have a milk tube specifically sized for the original NuPulse cow claw
- (4) MX13160 short air tubes
- (3) MZ13162np  original New Zealand black rubber Milk Hose (1 x 3 foot piece - call if you need a longer piece)
- (1) 1053 lid gasket
- (1) 7858 - 8 foot length of 5/8 vacuum tubing. (Note that only NuPulse buckets use 5/8 I.D. vacuum Hose.)
Original NuPulse parts