TopFlo Z Goat Milking assembly by GEA WestfaliaSurge

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Original replacement parts for WestfaliaSurge Top Flo Z Goat Milking assembly


Sold Each. Order 1 per goat.


GEA TopFlow Z for full size goats used in pipeline and bucket milking systems.


Easily handle high milk yields and rapid flow rates without a milk collection bowl integrated into the unit.


TopFlow was developed with the latest design elements incorporated into every feature, delivering maximum

ease of use throughout the entire milking process.


Practical design for easy attachment — the simple act

of sliding on the teat cup jackets activates the vacuum on

or off.


No additional buttons to push or switches

to hit. The TopFlow simply makes your daily milking

routine easier and more efficient.


Higher milk quality — special valve technology in the

teat cup jackets ensures that the vacuum supply will be

immediately shut-off should a teat cup fall-off, protecting

the overall quality of milk harvested on your operation.


Gentle milk transport — without a collection bowl –

the direct ventilation on the teat cup jacket accelerates the

transport of milk to the milk hose, preventing any

blockage effects. Even with your highest producers,

uninterrupted, smooth milk flow is guaranteed with the

TopFlow unit.


Continuous visual monitoring — the transparent design

of the silicone liners, the teat cups, and the milk hoses

allows operators to view milk flow on each individual teat.


Requires CIP assy shown at link below

Replacement liners at link below


Made in Germany by GEA WestfaliaSurge