Used Surge® Vacuum Saver shell

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limited qty available - call if ordering more than 4
Surge Vacuum Saver Stainless shell. Sold each Top O.D. 2 inches. Bottom opening 5/8 inch. Overall length 6-1/4 inches. Detail image shows opposite view. Condition: Used (no longer available new) Stainless Steel. Washed and checked. Recommended inflation is Surge 7750-2902-063 or Maes M221 (both shown below) Vacuum Saver Shells originally were sold with Surge Breaker Cup and Mini Cup Milker units. Also with some later models of Surge Bucket Milkers. Large selection of used shells in stock including this vacuum saver shell, the Jet Flow shell, Bou-Matic, NuPulse and 06 shells. New replacements are in stock for some styles. uvs