1/2 HP GEA Surge® Wash Pump with electric drain

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230 volts
GEA Koolway Surge 1/2 HP wash pump as shown
230 volts.
Original Parts by GEA Farm Technologies inc
Spare Parts;
7750-0080-953 Pump Head for Surge Tank Washer
7750-0027-835 Impeller for Surge Tank Washer
7750-0033-461 Seal Kit for Surge Tank Washer
7750-0081-577 Back Plate for Surge Tank Washer
7750-0281-514 Hold Down Clamps (set of 2) for Surge wash pump head
7750-0039-232 Solenoid for Drain Valve
7750-0080-957 Long stud for Wash Pump
7750-0080-958 Spacer for wash pump
7750-0104-447 .5 hp motor for Surge Wash pump.  has special shaft for Surge
7750-0080-951 .5 hp motor (old number)