1 Goat Interpuls ITP205 bucket milker

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Milk 1 goat at a time with this Interpuls ITP205 bucket milker.
Weighs just 10 pounds as shown!
Choice of milk hose (select above where you see Choose -->>)
Silicone Milk Hose is longer life, stays flexible in extreme cold and is the preferred choice for many raw milk consumers.
Clear plastic milk hose has a blue stripe.
Both are Grade A approved for raw milk.
ITP205 semi automatic Goat Claws. An individual milking claw incorporating a shut-off mechanism which automatically controls the vacuum supply to each liner during both milking and washing. As soon as the teat enters the liner, the valves on the ITP205 automatically open. Then, when the teat is removed at the end of milking, rapid air intake creates a vacuum in the valve which automatically closes it. This gives a range of benefits: Less work for the operator during milking and washing. Valves close automatically if the cluster is kicked off. Less vacuum fluctuation when liners are fitted and removed, thus avoiding vacuum drop or intake of dirt. Ability to isolate an unhealthy teat during milking. Easy to inspect for cleaning and maintenance. Name brand quality – not copies or seconds. ITP 205 claws reduce air loss while attaching the milker, making them ideal for portable milkers and situations with under sized vacuum pumps.
Provides about 3 feet from the udder to the bucket lid. Longer hoses available.
5 gallon plastic Eco-Bucket Lightweight and semi- transparent so you can see the milk level means less tendency to run over your bucket. Grade A approved Eco-Bucket is made of translucent FDA-approved material. It features smooth seamless molded interior and a raised reinforcement ring at the bottom for strength and ease of gripping. Stainless steel locking handle, and molded-in permanent scale marked in lbs. and kg.
Bucket Dimensions; 16 inches high x 14 inch diameter at bottom.
Set up for full size goats with average teat size. Silicone inflations with clear plastic shells. Just add a note if you want Nigerian / mini size goat inflations with clear plastic shells and we will ship it that way
Built with quality components;
Long Life Interpuls L02air pulsator. Made in Italy by Interpuls. Speed is adjustable. Runs for years with out needing to be rebuilt. Made from Stainless steel, nylon and silicone components. Not affected by temperature.  
Clear Milking Lid design enables locking and unlocking the lid without removing the hoses. Also features a built-in adapter for Interpuls vacuum pulsator and a handy hook for the claw.  Clear lid fits long handle buckets including Hamby, Delaval, Ezee, Coburn. 1 year warranty
all replacement parts available.
Assembled in the USA by Hamby Dairy Supply with components manufactured in Italy and USA.
Vacuum pump required but not included. Any of the pumps shown below will run this bucket milker.