1 Goat Top Flow Z Bucket Milker Full Size Goats - Poly Bucket

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Hamby Dairy Supply Best Seller;  1 goat bucket milker with 5 gallon opaque poly bucket

Featuring GEA Top Flow Z for Full Size Goats

***Updated with Best In Class Stainless Steel Lid!

Commercial Grade A quality now available for hobby farms and show milkers

Top Flow Z Best In Class German made goat milking assemblies.  Practical teat cup design is user friendly for the humans and provides fast gentle milking for goats with normal size teats. 

Sliding on the teat cups (liners) causes the vacuum to switch on automatically in one quick easy step with almost no air loss. Exclusive GEA valve technology ensures that the vacuum supply will be immediately stopped should the liners fall off. 

Direct ventilation at the teat cup allows in a small amount of air to push the milk continuously through the silicone milk hoses to the bucket. This maintains a stable teat end vacuum. Even at high milk flow rates, there is an uninterrupted, smooth flow of milk to protect the udder health of the goat. 

The transparent design of the silicone liners, the clear shells and opaque silicone milk hoses allow continuous visual monitoring. Low-vacuum fast milk out for optimum udder health. Single Teat goats can easily be milked with the GEA TopFlow milking unit.  Top Flow Z designed in 2004 by GEA.  Made in Germany.

Hamby's Stainless Steel lid is specially designed so the pulsator gets its vacuum source outside the bucket directly from the vacuum system. Other bucket milking designs have a hole in the lid for the pulsator to access vacuum. Hamby's German designed lid eliminates those extra crevices and fittings that can be a challenge to keep sanitary. See detail images for closeup of lid top and bottom and pulsator vacuum source.

L02 High Quality Pulsator.  60/40 ratio for goats.  Speed adjustable from 60-90 ppm over a vacuum range of 10 to 15 hg (inches of mercury scale) aka vacuum range of 35 to 50 kPa.  Goat recommendations are speed of 75-90 ppm at 10-11 inches of vacuum.  

5 gallon Grade A Eco Bucket is Opaque so you can see the liquid level and less likely to run over the bucket.  Eco Buckets are Made in Italy.

GEA Top Flow Z Goat Bucket Milker is assembled in the USA by Hamby Dairy Supply LLC. 

Sold by and Ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri USA. 

1 year warranty 

Vacuum System required.  7100 or 7300 Conde vacuum system  recommended.

Also available with a stainless steel bucket.

 This item is also available as a complete milking package with vacuum source

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April 2023

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    Best Milking system

    Posted by Jonathan Good on Jun 6th 2024

    Finally caved and bought this for traveling to shows as a graduation present to myself for my masters… Best system ever! Never going back