15# Stainless Steel Quarter Milker

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Stainless steel Quarter Milker
7 qt capacity
9 1/2 inch wide x 15 inch height
Heavy! Weighs 15 pounds.
Lid has check ball to reduce milk overflow. Use to milk out an infected or injured quarter without interfering with full machine milk-out of the other quarters. Quarter milkers are recommended in cases of high somatic cell count (SCC), injury, mastitis, or hemorrhage. SS Quarter Milker is the dairyman's assurance that affected milk is kept out of the milking system. When used properly, bulk tank bacteria and somatic cell count may be reduced by preventing affected milk from mixing with good milk. SS
Quarter Milker comes complete with pail, lid, hoses and inflation adapter.
Spare parts list (see links below to order)
Item number - Description
4383  - 3/8 Silicone Milk Hose
7030  - 3/8 Straight Nylon Hose Barb Splicer coupler
7838  - 3/8 Straight Nylon Hose Barb 90 elbow Splicer Coupler
30270 - Complete Stainless Steel Quarter Milker
35212 - Plastic check ball only (.74 diameter)
34016 - Plastic Check ball with stainless steel cage
30271 - Lid only for quarter milker - has 3/8 hose ports - (call to order)
1053 - 25195 Black Rubber Lid gasket
1053S - Green Silicone Lid gasket
***This item is only for use with a pipeline milking system.***
It is NOT for a family cow.
will not work with bucket milking systems.