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White nylon coupling for 2 inch glass fittings. gasket included.
Flex-Coupler is complete with bushing and gaskets and is designed for milk line to receiver jar connections in receiver groups. It works well with glass-to-stainless or glass-to-glass but is not recommended for stainless to stainless connections.
The poly material and complex design allows for natural expansion while maintaining optimal seal and a minimum of distortion over a wide temperature range. Flex Coupler retains its shape for years and will not pit or admit bacteria like metal couplers. Flex Coupler comes apart more easily than bimetal couplers, reducing risk of damage and breakage to glass pipes and receiver jars.
Flex Coupler is not harmed by cleaning, scrubbing, strong cleaners and sanitizers. It costs less than bimetal yet retains its like-new appearance longer.
Replacement gasket part number = 1000-075
Coburn sku J2000
gea sku 4999-1000-252
ezee sku 54102