2 inch Milk Tank Valve - Clamp to Thread - OEM Mueller Made in USA

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Complete new outlet valve for milk Cooler.
Clamp x Bevel Seat (ACME thread)
Fits all Milk Tanks with 2 inch Tri-clamp mount to tank body including Mueller and Milk Plan
Dust cap and Nut, xtra o-rings, and food grade grease included.
Spare Parts;
30-90416K Update and Rebuild Kit;
M-8804679 New Style Molded Disk
M-8804788 O-ring and gasket kit for old style SS disk
Related Items for washing external measuring stick;
M-8800799 Old Style Quick Connect
M-8801962 O-ring
M-8800743 Adapter connects to Mueller M-90601 -2 inch milk tank valve
Made in USA
Original Parts by Paul Mueller Company