2 inch Rubber Drain Valve seal for Mueller Tank Mounted Washer

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M-8822394 and M-21774
Rubber Cap / seal for Mueller Matic Fill and Drain Valve on Tank Mounted Washers.
#18 in detail image
Has a 3/8 inch hole in center
also fits Internal Measuring Stick on Mueller Oval Milk Coolers and Bulk Tanks
Outside Diameter - 2.5 inches
Inside Diameter - 2 Inches
Hole Diameter - .375 inches



Part No. M-21774 and M-8822394 are the same item
#8 in drawing - 3/8 I.D. hose - part numbers M-30581 1010-825
Fits Fill & Drain valves;
 M-8822880 2.6 GPM
 M-8822881 3.0 GPM
 M-8823742 4.0 GPM
OEM parts Made in USA by Paul Mueller Company