2 Sheep ITP Complete Bucket Milker HD portable vacuum system

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Grade A approved.

Milk 2 sheep at a time with this complete bucket milker. 

Upgradable to 4 in the future! 

Features a quiet portable vacuum supply with Industrial Grade pump for long life and low maintenance. 1 HP motor runs on 110 volt household current. 

Comes standard with 1 - 6 gallon stainless steel bucket, lid, pulsator, 2 sets of milker claws, 2 set of clear plastic shells, 2 sets of inflations, milk and vacuum hoses. 

Original Interpuls LL90 pulsator designed for sheep milking with 50/50 ratio and adjustable speed ppm

Just add oil to the 7100 vacuum pump, and it is ready to use.

Also included are 3 brushes and 45 pounds of detergent to clean your bucket milker. 

 Plus our udder health package is included with teat wipes, teat dip, dip cup, strip cup and more. 

This milking machine can be upgraded with a second bucket to milk 4 at a time in the future. - see link below 

Sold by and ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri. Local pickup available by appointment.

1 year warranty.

updated January 2024