20 Quart Stainless Steel Pail with Pouring Handle and raised base - Best Quality

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18-8 Type 304 stainless steel.
 FDA approved.  No-Drip edge is NOT rolled.
20 quart or about 5 gallon capacity. Seamless Construction - Mirror Polish. Includes pouring handle on side and raised, reinforced base ring (chime) that protects bottom of pail.
FDA approved design for milking, restaurant, veterinary, lab use
Height 11 3/4 inches.
Top O.D. 14 3/4 inches.
Bottom O.D. 10 inches
A long-time favorite, our Stainless Steel Pail w/ tilt handle features heavy duty construction throughout.  Seamless construction assures greater tensile strength. With mirror polish outside surface and satin finish inside, this pail is easily cleaned to the most exacting standards. Tilt handle makes for easy pouring. Used for; Milking, food processing, catering, food trucks, restaurants, hospitality, wine, brewery, beverage and food production Veterinarian, laboratory, kennel, pet care, livestock farming and ranching Healthcare, hospital cleaning and sanitizing, Plus Petroleum industry, Aviation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Aquariums, Water parks
Photos not to scale, but accurate for style of product.
Sold by and ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Missouri.
Made in USA
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