24v alternating Strangko pulsator

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Discontinued June 2021
Call for availability of rebuilt
Made in Europe
24 volt. Similar to and interchanges* with Bou-Matic, KleenFlo, Safgard, Parts Dept, Team pulsators * uses same stallcock and power supply. Pulsator parts do not interchange plug in mount - Stanchion or tie stall barn model Spare Parts, Mounts and Fresh air system available at link below Quality pulsator by Strangko. Note coil color on rebuilt units may be green or yellow. From the manufacturer; The Strangko Green 24V Permanent Mount Pulsator is superior to other pulsators. Compare for yourself: Covered air passage with six indented air slots allows continuous free air passage for gentle, even massage and consistent inflation collapse. Fiber-filled, molded nylon coil body virtually eliminates the cracking found in other pulsator coils. Solid flat cover keeps dust and insects, which can hamper performance, out of the top of the pulsator cover. Smooth-edged corners allow unrestricted movement for even pulsation shift. Enlarged openings allow plenty of room for bullets to shift eliminating wear which causes magnetizing (a major problem of the original blue & white pulsator). The Strangko pulsator gives you consistent pulsation rhythm, milking after milking. New smooth fitting coil & base means fewer crevices to trap dirt. Self seating coil allows for perfect positioning of pistons when pulsator is rebuilt and eliminates crooked piston travel which results in poor graphs and premature wear. Wt. 1.5 lbs.