3/4 ID 24M Hose for Surge® Sunset® DariKool® Milk Tank Washer (20 foot)

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Clear Plastic Milk Hose with Blue Stripe.
3/4 I.D. 1 5/32 O.D.
20 foot length for Surge Tank Washers. Runs from pump head outlet to spray ball connection on top of tank. also runs from tank washer to fill tank.
Grade A & FDA approved. Quality Milk Tubing.
From the manufacturer: Transflow® Raw Milk tubing is specially formulated to reduce the risks that can occur with the use of rubber tubings. Many regulatory sanitarians throughout the world recognize Transflow® as the preferred tubing for raw milk transfer. Long lasting Transflow® tubing is extremely flexible and installs quickly and easily around stantions and milk handling equipment. It resists embrittlement and cracking from oxidation that often shortens the service life of other tubings.
M-34-R M34 M34R
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