3 ml Syringe Luer Lock - box of 100

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Top Selling Luer Lock Style Disposable Syringes
Case lot of 100
Capacity: 3 ml - 3 cc
Sterile in sealed individual packages. Item shown was removed for photo.
  • Designed for farm animal use.
  • Reinforced luer lock tips reduce breakage
  • Positive plunger stopper eliminates costly overflow.
  • Extra lubricated rubber plunger assures smooth delivery of medication.
  • Fits all Luer style needles (available separately from Hamby Dairy Supply.)
  • Fits Hamby Dairy Supply Luer Style drench tubes
3cc x 21x1 inch needles pre-installed 02-LLN3CC21x1
3cc x 22x1 inch needles pre-installed - 407-032201
3cc x 22x.75 inch needles pre-installed - 407-032234
3cc x 20x1 inch needles pre-installed - 407-032001
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Syrvet 04-3003b, Neogen Ideal 9170, Monoject, Cotran, Sharpvet Duravet In-ject, Jeffers,
International Vet Supply IVS 02-LL3CC
61-110 407-04-3003b
this item replaces 3 cc Luer Slip that is no longer available