4 piece kit - Air Vent and Product inlet assembly Fits Mueller and Surge no latch straps

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Vent Assembly Kit
***without latch straps***
Fits 300 to 1600 Gallon Milk Coolers and Bulk Tanks
Stainless steel cover, plastic vent and rubber dust cover
4 piece kit includes;
1 - 8825772 rubber cap for pipeline inlet
2 - 3350 adapter for stainless steel pipe
3 - Stainless Steel Top
5 - 31453 plastic air vent
 - see Parts Drawing for details
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M-8800183 Stainless Air Vent inlet housing with latch straps
Available Separately;
M-3350 - Milk inlet pipe adapter 
M-8825772 - Rubber dust cap
M-31453 Plastic air vent