5/16 Ear Release Tattoo Kit A-Z + 0-9 + Green Ink

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Tattoo Kit with ear release for Small animals. Now available with choice of 1 or 2 pliers (choose 1 or 2 in the drop down menu above) Add a second applicator plier and you won't have to change the digits for your herd name on the second applicator. Saves time! Complete outfit includes a carrying case 5/16 size Holds 5 digits Includes: 2 sets of numbers 0-9. 1 set of letters A-Z. 1 oz tube of green ink / paste 1 or 2 basic applicator tool with ear release 1 tool box carrying case Lightweight & strong applicator tool with ear release is made of HD aluminum alloy. Use on goats, sheep, dogs, rabbits, poultry and other small animals. Digits make a 5/16" tall imprint in the ear. Tattoo while your kids are young and the tattoo will grow larger making it easier to read. Very sharp, rust proof, stainless steel needles. Install one or up to 5 digits. they only go in one way with coded tabs. this simple system has one large tab on top and a small tab on the bottom so there is no danger of "upside down" placement. Our digits interchange with some other brands but we do not have a list of which ones. Ear Release built in. This handy improvement helps to remove the ear in a fast straight manner to preserve the tattoo holes and speed up the process. First time available in the smaller size Tip: if you are using tattoos for registration papers, you can make an imprint of the animals tattoo on the registration application paper. this helps you keep track of the numbers you used. Always make a photo copy of the application before you mail it off. then you have a permanent record of what the tattoo looks like. makes it easier to find a few years down the road All brand new merchandise. additional numbers, letters and other sizes available separately. Great Gift idea! Satisfaction guaranteed additional letters and numbers available at the links below white, black and green ink / paste colors also instock