5/8 I.D. Silicone Milk Hose / Tubing - Sold Per Foot - thinner wall blue stripe

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Silicone Milk Hose. thinner wall.  more flexible
Sold by the foot.
5/8 inch I.D. - 16 mm I.D. 
.9 inch O.D.
.20 inch wall
Best Quality.  Transflow III brand.
Grade A approved. Stays flexible in cold weather. Long life Preferred by many raw milk producers. Temperature Rating: -80ºF to +500ºF Silicone milk tubing is sanitary and due to tightly bonded non-reactive pure silicone resins, unaffected by milk fat, bacteria or cleaning chemicals. Silicone has a longer life than other types of milk tubing when used with care.
Silicone is recommended for use with automated pinch valves. Only works with manual shutoffs shown below.
 Made in USA by Saint Gobain
Note we also offer a thicker wall with a red stripe

updated January 2023