579 Jetter Cup for Vanguard sheep / mini / goat Liner (Inflation)

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Sold each.  Fits Vanguard sheep inflations
Jetter Cup for CIP washing the 1682 Vanguard Sheep Inflation in clean-in-place washing systems.
Order 2 Jetters per sheep / mini goat 0/579 Fits sheep liner shown first at links below.
To make a complete CIP assy that will wash 2 milker units, order these parts; (links are below)
Complete assy shown in detail image at left.
- 4 jetters (this item)
- HD Rack (storage while milking. required to prevent urine, manure and other debris from contaminating jetters)
- 1 distributor tee
- 1 duck bill drain
- 1 restrictor -
1 CIP nipple for stainless Steel CIP wash line
- 5/8 hose (order enough to connect the wash line to the cip distributor and some extra so it will hang / drain properly)+