7 gallon Plastic Fresh Cow Pail with lid

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7 gallon capacity
15 inch width 17 inch height
Empty weight of bucket and lid: 10 pounds
Plastic Fresh Cow Pail with lid. 
Condition: New Plastic Fresh Cow Pail with lid.
Includes one semi-clear bucket and one lid as shown in first picture.
Grade A approved 7 gallon Eco-Bucket is made of semi-transparent, translucent FDA-approved material.
It features smooth seamless molded interior and a raised reinforcement ring at the bottom for strength and ease of gripping.
Eco-Bucket has a stainless steel handle, and molded-in permanent scale marked in lbs. and kg.
Bucket is made in Italy by Interpuls
Bucket is lightweight and you can see the milk level so you are less likely to run it over.
Empty bucket weighs just 9 pounds. Scale is for estimating milk quantity.
It is not DHIA accurate. Lid is made of tough Lexan with a rubber gasket.
Lid will fit almost any milking machine bucket.
Lid has 5/8 nipples and will work with 5/8 or 3/4 inch milk hose.
Shipping weight 12 pounds
Fresh cow pail is great for diverting first colostrum milk (or treated milk) from cows, goats, or sheep. Every Milk barn should have one.
Meets Grade A requirements for fresh cow pail for dairy barns.
Items and spare parts are available individually