about us

About Us - Address, History and Mission statement

Hamby Dairy Supply is located in the heart of the USA in Northwest Missouri.

Our location is ideal to ship quickly to any part of North America


Store and warehouse address for GPS;

2511 MO-33, Maysville, MO 64469


Billing office address:

2402 SW Waterstreet Road, Maysville Missouri 64469 USA

Note that our main entrance is off of Highway 33 

While on Highway 33 look for our landmark Hamby Dairy Supply sign with a Railroad baggage cart and cream cans.  The highway 33 entrance is just south of the sign on the west side of 33. 

Please call before you come to confirm that what you want to pick up is in stock at our warehouse. We stock about 3000 items but some items we sell ship directly from the manufacturers in other states.

History and Mission

The Hamby Family has been involved in dairy farming since 1954. We have experience milking cows, goats and sheep. We have been selling, installing and servicing milking equipment since 1991. Our milking systems are in use in every state in the USA, and throughout the world. Spare parts, equipment and supplies are in stock for family size dairies, large commercial dairy farms and the smallest backyard homestead dairy.

Principles of Business

  • Our mission is to provide products and information for dairy farmers to efficiently produce quality milk and dairy products.
  • To sell quality products that provide the best value to our customers
  • Products must pass these litmus tests;
    • "Will this item enable the farmer to produce a quality product to satisfy the end consumer of the dairy products?"
    • "Will spare parts be readily available for the customer?"
    • "Will this product protect or enhance the health of the animal?"
  • To provide industry best customer service with exceptional product knowledge.
  • To ship every order accurately and promptly.
  • To build a worldwide reputation as the best supplier in the dairy equipment business.
  • To sell equipment and supplies that meet recognized standards for efficiency, design and sanitation, with the quality and safety of the consumable dairy products in mind.
  • To treat our customers as we want to be treated.