Antiseptic alcohol wipes 175 count - FDA Approved

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 IPA Isopropyl Alcohol wipes
175 count tub with pull through top.
First Aid Antiseptic Wound Cleaner - For minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.
Many veterinary & human uses include;
Clean wounds
Skin disinfectant prior to giving shots.
Teat skin disinfectant prior to mastitis or dry cow treatment or infusion.
Use with Cattle, goats, sheep, Llama, all livestock.
  • Large Size 7 inch x 5.5 inch sheets
  • Strong Lint Free Sheets
  • Handy dispensing container with Seal Tight Lid
  • Ultra pure mixture of IPA and purified water
  • Anti-biotic free
  • Made in USA


LOW LINT SHEETS: 70% percent isopropyl alcohol wipes are made from strong, low lint sheets that resist leaving behind particles unlike using liquid on a cotton ball

Please follow label directions

Contains alcohol and water

Also useful for cleaning surfaces and devices not harmed by alcohol. 

other uses include cleaning printer stencils, printer drumheads, dirty / greasy mechanical parts


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