ASTRO-TEK Barrier Post Dip 5 gallon bucket

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5 gallon
Astro-Tek™ Teat Dip - available in 5 or 55 gallon containers. (55g is special order. Call for pricing)
Low-Drip Sanitizing Iodine Barrier Teat Dip. Astro-Tek kills bacteria on contact, forming a coating around the teat for protection against a broad spectrum of mastitis-causing organisms. Astro-Tek is a unique post teat dip, containing 1% iodine with a 14% five-way emollient system with unparalleled skin conditioning. • Proven Effective In field trials across the U.S., Astro-Tek has been proven to significantly reduce new intramammary infections. The 1% iodine formula of Astro-Tek effectively kills a wide range of environmental and mastitis-causing organisms on contact. • Barrier Properties The thick consistency adheres to cows’ teats delivering peak protection against mastitis-causing organisms when undesirable conditions exist in the cow’s environment. The low-drip qualities of Astro-Tek also minimize product waste. • Excellent Skin Conditioning Enhanced with a 14% emollient package, Astro-Tek softens teats as it protects teat skin tissue from harsh weather and bedding conditions. The five-way emollient package keeps teat ends soft and pliable, improving cow comfort and decreasing skin-related mastitis problems. • Excellent Visibility A deep, dark brown color stains teats to help milkers and dairy managers verify that teats have been dipped. • Easily Removed Astro-Tek is formulated for effective and gentle performance, at a pH level that is close to the cow’s natural skin. Astro-Tek can be easily removed by the pre-milking hygiene process. • Freeze/Thaw Stability If frozen, this product can be thawed completely, mixed to it’s original state and used with confidence. • Ready To Use No mixing is required. 5 gallon is UPS shippable.