Basic Hard Cheese Making Kit with Wax and Brush

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This kit makes hard cheese easy!
All supplies included, even the wax and brush.
All you provide is milk!
Our Basic Hard Cheesemaking Kit is what you need to make 8 delicious home made cheeses
This kit makes hard cheese easy! Farmhouse Cheddar Gouda Monterey Jack Feta Cottage Cheese Colby Parmesan Ricotta
Now you can make can make your very own additive and preservative-free cheeses right at home in your own kitchen.
Basic Hard Cheese Kit Includes
12 Page Recipe Booklet
1 Cheese Mold
Vegetable Cheese Rennet
Mesophilic Starter
Thermophilic Starter
Dairy Thermometer
1/2 oz. Calcium Chloride
Reusable Cheesecloth
Red Wax (1 pound block)
Brush for applying wax
This kit makes up to 30 pounds of cheeses!
Red Wax


Nitrile Gloves help reduce contamination during cheese making