Basic Single 32 Goat or Sheep Parlor Rapid Exit Stanchions

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For one sided milking parlors

Single 32 - stainless steel 

Sheep / Goat Premium Stall 1x32

For a double sided parlor, simply order 2 of this item

Watch video shown below

Rapid-Exit Parlors for Goat and Sheep are well-built, simple, reliable, and lead to better and faster milking. The design gives excellent udder positioning and good udder visibility. Quick entrance and pneumatic rapid-exit gate enable more animals to be milked per hour.

Package include pneumatic cylinders, air control panel, and pneumatic entrance door. 

System does not include air compressor and stainless steel rim for the pit.

Wt. approx 3400 lbs.

Ships by Freight truck or can be picked up in Wisconsin.

Buyer will be billed for freight.


Please call to check availability, current pricing and for a shipping quote.

Product Code: 4212132-SS


Note this product is also available with the feeding system.  Search GP32SS