Bender 8950 Automatic Pipeline Washer System CSA approved

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Automatic Pipeline Washer Kit
1. Standard 8 minute wash cycle
3. Electro - Mechanical timing
4. Failsafe monitoring timer
5. 24-hour clock for automatic pre-sanitize
6. Door interlock
7. Milk-Off-Wash switch 110 volts
Stainless Steel Control box and chemical pump box
Drain/diverter included. see detail image CSA approved for Canada
Includes 8950 control (main photo above)
9590 dispenser with chemical pumps and water valves (detail image on left)
7540 diverter drain (detail image on left)
4999-1010-490 4999-1010-489 4999-1010-499
Made in USA
Original parts by Bender Machine works