Best Hoof Care Kit for Goats Sheep Alpaca LLama

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Sale! Includes Top Quality Lightweight hoof trimmers. Double sided Hoof Rasp. Double sided hoof trimming knife. Hoof brush with rock pick. Hoof & Heal topical


Quality Lightweight Hoof Trimmers.

9570 Thousands sold. Small but Powerful. Fits your hands well without sacrificing power. Small size make them easy to use even on kids and lambs.

High quality carbon steel blades are wholly heat treated for extra strength. Blades are TEFLON coated for smooth action and resist rust. Stay sharp for many many foot trimmings. Stainless steel spring. Oil-less pivot. Sharp points for removing mud, rocks & debris. Caution! Blades are razor-sharp. Blades lock closed when not in use. Locks and unlocks easily by one hand.

Solid one piece construction of blades and handles can withstand a repeated, rugged, professional use. More like a scissor in action than other hoof trimmers. Length: 7 1/2 inches - less than half the weight of conventional shears

Bright orange handles make it easy to find - even in a dark barn. Made in Japan.

Double Sided Hoof Knife

32-392 for left or right handed use. also called a searcher knife.

Hoof Brush

9578 with rock pick. clean out the debris before you trim. (color may vary)

Liquid Hoof n Heel;

9238 For hoof rot, foot rot and foot scald in sheep, goats and dairy cattle, Hoof n Heel penetrates deep into the hoof to attack infection quickly. Hoof n Heel does not cause discoloration, hardening or shrinkage of tissue.

Colorless, stainless, non-toxic and pleasant to use. Not sticky or messy. Does not stain or affect wool. Painless odorless. No withholding of milk or meat.

16 oz. squeeze bottle. Dr Naylor brand. Contains Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in a cleansing penetrating aqueous base.

Hoof Rasp

9580 Double sided with handle

All items in this kit available separately