Boot Disinfection Mat - 34" X 24"

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Large Entrance Disinfection Mat is designed to be placed at the entrance or exit of dairy barns, hog enclosures, poultry houses and fruit, vegetable or grain storage facilities of all types to disinfect the boots and shoes of workers.

Made with tough poly mesh over a foam core with non-permeable bottom and sides to contain the disinfection solution.

When filled, the Entrance Disinfection Mat repels dirt and stays effective for approximately one week before it should be lifted, rinsed, hung overnight to drain and refilled the next day.

Mat is deep enough to disinfect yet shallow enough not to soak the feet. Use on a smooth, level surface, 34" x 24" by 1"

Mat holds 2 gallons of solution.

Virkon is recommended disinfectant

Your mat will be blue as shown in the detail image photo