Cable Hose cleaning Kit for 3/4 ID milk hose

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Kit for cleaning 3/4 Milk Hoses*
Includes items shown to clean 3/4 I.D. milk hose only
use to clean 3/4 inch ID milk hose (1090-008 or 1090-099 shown below)
Mount the wall bracket to hold one end of the cable, insert the blank end of the cable in the hose and push til it comes out the other end. Attach that end of the cable to the wall bracket. Then pull the hose while the cable stays attached to the wall bracket. with this set up, it is a one person operation this kit ONLY fits 3/4 ID milk hose used in larger commercial milking parlors.
***it does not fit bucket milker hoses. Kit is not returnable. Double check the size before ordering.***
old part numbers 70RB-E 1150-34cable 4999-1150-340
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