Clearance! Z Tag Calf Ear Tags - Red Blank (bag of 25)

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Red Blank Calf tags
pack of 25
Smaller size for calves goats sheep

Dimensions; 3-1/4 inches High x 2-3/8 inches Wide
Zs revolutionary design and the reason for its growing popularity are as easy to see as the tags themselves. Unmatched tag retention. Guaranteed to stay in longer than any other ear tag system. The neck of the tag is flexible to give if it catches on wire or bush. So it simply slides off rather than breaking or pulling out of the ear like other brands.
The one piece design makes it fast and simple to use. The built-in cutting tip makes a small incision that heals quickly and snugly around the tag. Easier to put in. No more torn ears. No other tag is so easy to load or apply. Slip the one-piece tag over the pin, hold the applicator over the ear, squeeze and the tag is in to stay. If the animals jerks away the tag goes in.
The pin swivels out in the direction of the movement.
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Applicator and replacement pin for applicator pliers in stock