Clipper blade - #10 Pro Oster CryogenX™- for A5

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Oster CryogenX™ A5 Professional clipper blade
#10 Leaves hair approx. 1/16" (1.6 mm)
  • High quality Cryogenically treated steel
  • 20 degrees cooler than standard A-5 blades
  • Smooth cut finish, long life
  • Glides through hair without pulling or tugging
  • Fits Oster®, Andis®, Wahl®, Syrvet and Conair®
  • detachable blade clipper
*Compatible with A-5, Power Pro, Power Max, Performax, Protege, and Groom Master clippers
Fits Oster A5 clipper shown below
Made in USA by Oster
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