Colostrum Powder for Kids, Lambs, Calves

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9 oz bottle
Sold each
One 9 oz bottle contains 75 doses for kids or lambs
Directions for use:
One teaspoonful in each feeding of milk or milk replacer. Continue administration of product as long as goats are on milk replacer or milk. The colostrum provided in Colostrum Powder supplies a source of maternal antibodies and protein. Lactobacillus organisms contained in these products assist in the establishment of beneficial microflora in the newborn. L. acid excreted by these organisms will influence pH reduction in the small intestine. This action removes the environment needed by certain coliform bacteria to proliferate and perhaps cause disease.
Ingredients: Dried Colostrum, Lactobacillus, Vitamins A, D, and E
also available in ready to use oral gel. see link below
All Natural.
Made In USA Kaeco Brand
updated August 2023