Draminski Mastitis Detector

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Electronic Mastitis Detector
The Draminski Mastitis Detector is an accurate and easy-to-use instrument which detects sub-clinical mastitis in its earliest, visually undetectable stage. The Detector works by measuring the conductivity of milk and displays the results on the readout of the convenient hand-held device. It is a valuable and trustworthy aid to maintain a healthy herd and ensure high quality milk production. The Draminski is a hand-held device with a cup for receiving a small sample during the forestripping of each quarter. The results are compared to a chart which shows expected results for cows of various ages and conditions. If a quarter is in the sub-clinical range, steps can be taken immediately to treat the quarter.
•Improves returns by unmasking mastitis in its earliest invisible stage
•Enables early treatment and prevents permanent damage to the udder
•Monitors your herd to ensure higher quality milk production
•One-person operation - forestripping, testing, and visual monitoring done all at once
•Durable, waterproof case allows you to work in the toughest
Model MD-1 shows one result at a time.
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