Euro 1 Kid & Lamb Feeder with hard cover

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Feeds 1 kid or lamb at a time
Includes both soft and standard nipple, an extra gasket, hanger and hard cover
Includes a green hard cover.  color does not match, but it does fit!
• Strong wire handle
• acid / detergent proof components
• Bucket is made of food grade plastic and is nearly break proof.
• Hard cover included
• easy to clean soft cover (optional) available at link below
Useful for goats, sheep or other small ruminants. 
Customer feedback on this item; Great Feeder. I was afraid the kids would be hard to start on this - but they took right to it the first feeding - P. M. What a relief. I was feeding all these kids with bottles. My chore time is cut in half. will be back : ) I ordered one feeder last week. It works so well, I ordered 3 more today. Thanks will do business with you again.
Great Gift! for your farm friend, homestead or 4H / FFA project.
Ships in OVERSIZE box
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