Express Dehorner Kit - propane powered 5 foot hose

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Propane Gas Powered Portable Dehorner for calves
114-005g Express Dehorner designed in France
order optional tip for goats!

Fast and bloodless dehorning method for beef and dairy calves less than 12 weeks. also works well on goat kids

This economical, lightweight and propane-powered dehorner heats up fast!

Features a built-in hook for hanging

Reaches working temperature of 1100° F (595°C) in 70 seconds

Connects to a 14 oz propane cylinder (not included but available at many local discount stores) Will operate for up to 10 hours on one cylinder!

Includes cardboard storage box, hose, regulator and flint striker

includes 14020 Reversible Tip (.67” & .8”)

optional goat tip 14015 available at link below

imported by Coburn


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