EZI ACTION DRUM PUMP for 5 gallon pail or bucket - 25-5PP Best Quality

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5 gallon pail pump
EZI-ACTION DRUMPUMP for 5 gallon buckets
Delivers approximately 15 oz per stroke
Sold Each - Order any quantity you want.
Order 20 for a full case.   (note shipping calculator may not be accurate for quantities of 3 -6)
A great improvement over the old pumps you are used to. Easy to use. Long life 24 month warranty and rebuild-able
High volume delivery at low pressure makes pumping chemicals safer. Double action means you get delivery on both the up, and down stroke. 15 oz delivered per stroke No wearing parts. It is neither a piston nor a vacuum pump. This award winning hand pump has become the biggest selling drumpump in New Zealand. Two fingers on the handle is all the energy required to pump viscous fluids or harsh acid or alkali cleaning chemicals. The unique patented pumping principle means no parts that wear. Made from Polypropylene and Polyethylene, EZI-action Drumpumps are resistant to a wide range of acid, alkaline, caustic, and chlorine based chemicals, oils, crop chemicals, diesel and liquid fertilisers.
Not to be used with strong solvents, highly flammable liquids or for pumping petrol (gasoline).
Anti-pumping/child safety device
Outlet spout swivels to prevent drips
Parts kit and safety jug available at links below
Available in 3 sizes
 5 gallon 1160-006  25/5PP
15 gallon 1160-024  60/15PP
55 gallon 1160-025  200/50PP
Safety Measure Jug SMK1
Tote Pump 1000-220
Made in New Zealand.