Germania Style Top Unload milking unit for herringbone

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For 5/8 Milk Hose
Designed similar to Germania's popular top unloading milking units
High polish finish For 5/8 milk hose (3/4 milk hose version also available)
Window faces side of cow for visibility in herringbone milking parlor
Windows and gaskets interchange with Germania and Delaval - see links below
This item is not made by Germania or Delaval
outside width 3.5 inches weight approx 25 oz as shown
Replacement Windows and Gaskets at links below
Order shells, inflations, and hoses separately
Parrallel version available at link below
Double check style and milk hose size before ordering. this item is not returnable
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Spare Parts;
10048 Top plug for 5/8 milk hose - white delrin
10049 Top plug for 3/4 milk hose - white delrin
10041 Replacement lathe cut window for DL, GM or CA claw
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10044  White gasket for DL, GM or California claw - made by Ezee Milking
10046  Clip for Germania / California claw