Goat Shell - stainless steel

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Stainless Steel shell for full size goat
Sold Each - order 2 per goat
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height 5.3 inches x 1 7/8 O.D
Fits silicone liners (inflations) 1120-047 and 0/300 rubber 1120-048 Surge 7750-2902-050 Heavier shell provides more weight right where you need it. Faster milkout for most goats. Replaces clear shells from Coburn, Caprine Supply, Hoegger, Interpuls and Hamby Dairy Supply goat milkers
Made of stainless steel.
Lasts a lifetime
same as our 4317 shell replaces Surge Jet Flow
Use with
7750-2902-060 Surge liners 
7750-2902-062 Surge liners
0/398  silicone liner with longer tube for cows or goats
0/300  silicone liner with shorter tube for goats only
1120-047 rubber goat liner (actually a cut off version of the 060 liner)
 (this version of the jet flow is no longer made by Surge)
Used are typically original Surge Jet Flow shells but may be our aftermarket shells