Hamby Bucket Washer Super Cleaning Package - single large sink with legs plus small side sink

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Use with Hamby, DeLaval, Coburn, Interpuls, Caprine Supply, Parts Department, Melasty, Vanguard, Westfalia, Ezee floor pail bucket milkers.

***Not for use with Surge cow buckets, Hoegger goat buckets, or NuPulse milkers***

This is 1 of 4 package options based on the sinks and sink legs or wall brackets.  Links below for other 3 options


2 Tub option; Small sink on end is for claw & hose washer.  Large Single Sink gives you one dedicated sink for hand washing bucket and lid.


Your milking machine must be kept clean and sanitary in order to have healthy milk that will keep without spoiling. 

Clean milking machine components are vital for good udder health of the cow, goat or sheep.

This handy kit provides all the components and detergents needed to properly clean your bucket milker.


***Note it takes more vacuum capacity to wash than to milk***   Some small vacuum pumps will not operate this device. ***

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Bucket Milker Washer - Super Cleaning Package

Ideal for family cow milkers, dairy goat and hobby farmers. This same equipment is used daily by our Amish dairy farmer customers and commercial goat dairies across North America.

Proven design in use since 1955 - Based on the Original Design by Bender Machine Works

The 5162wb Hamby Wash Package includes

  • Claw and Milk Hose Washer that cleans up to 6 milking units - 56200
  • Extra 8 foot vacuum hose
  • Large 536 single sink for washing bucket and lid - 38 inch length - 1070-604
  • Leg Set for mounting 536 sink
  • Small sink for claws and wash solutions - 56195
  • Brass mixing faucet - wall mount for above wash sinks
  • Duo Pfan® powder alkaline detergent - 45 pound pail
  • LAC concentrated Acid Rinse - case of 4 gallons
  • Long handle brush
  • Swiss style pail brush
  • Inflation brush
  That is a good value!

Bucket washer cleans your milker claw, milk hoses and vacuum hoses with out disassembly of the milking unit.

DuoPfan Powder Detergent and LAC Liquid Acid are recommended for the 3 step Rinse / Wash / Rinse Cycles. Instructions are listed below and also in our user manuals.  Similar instructions are printed on every bucket of GEA Detergent and Acid that we sell.

Watch the 'How To" video on youtube - see link below

Works with Hamby 4501 Improved cow milker and Hamby 501-CBM Clear Top cow bucket milker.

Works with Hamby goat & sheep milkers; GEA Top FLow z

For use with 5/8 I.D. milk hoses;


What your barn needs:

Hot and cold running water.

Vacuum supply. (the one from your milking machine will usually work)


Optional Hanger for stainless steel buckets (see link below) Plastic buckets need a sanitary ventilated shelf rack for drainage and storage


Bucket Milker Washer Instructions:


Your milking machine must be kept clean and sanitary in order to have healthy milk that will keep without spoiling. Cleaning should be done immediately after milking. Do not let the milking machine sit dirty as the milk residues may dry on and then it will be much harder to clean.


Step 1 Warm rinse with 2 gallon warm water. Attach milker units to washer. Fill small sink with 2 gallon of 100 F degree water. Turn on vaccum supply for 2 cycles of rinsing. Drain sink. Discard this water. Milk rinses best at about the temperature it came from the cow or goat ~100 degrees.


Step 2 Hot detergent wash. Fill small sink with 2 or 3 gallon hot water (140 to 160 degrees) Add 1/4 cup of powder dairy detergent. Turn on vacuum supply. Operate for 3 to 5 minutes. Do not let this wash solution drop below 120 degrees. Do NOT run the washer an excessive long time or the wash solution will drop below 120 degees and it will not clean properly. Drain thoroughly. Catch this DuoPfan wash solution for brush washing lid and bucket


Step 3 Warm Acid rinse. Fill small sink with 2 gallon warm water. Add 1 oz. of Citrophos. Turn on vacuum supply. Run for 1 to 2 minutes.


Step 4 Brush wash the bucket and lid in the large sink. You can use the Duopfan solution from step 2 above. DuoPfan is a very low foaming detergent. If you prefer a sudsy wash, use Pfanzite. Remove the lid gasket and brush wash the bottom of the lid. Rinse with clear water. Hang lid to drip dry. Store bucket upside down on a sanitary rack or hang from a rustproof hanger. Allow all items to drip dry with no water standing.


Rinse all brushes and hang to drip dry. For the longest life of your cleaning brushes, always rinse and hang them to dry after each use. Do not leave brushes 'soaking' in wash solutions.


Brushes are recommended for cleaning milking equipment. Hamby Dairy Supply brushes are specifically designed to clean stainless steel, glass and milking machine plastics with out scratching. With proper care, they will last a long time.


Cloths & sponges are not recommended. They will not completely clean and they harbor bacteria.

Acid rinsing is optional but recommended for barns with hard water. Acid rinsing is for removing milkstone. Milkstone is made primarily of calcium residues from the milk and from the hard water. Milkstone likes to stick to stainless steel and glass. Other milk residues, such as protein and fat like to stick to milkstone. This will result in a buildup that will leave your shiny stainless steel looking dull. That buildup can contaminate your milk effecting flavor and quality. It also provides a good medium for bad bacteria to grow on.

If your milking machine gets a dull look, then prepare a solution of 1 gallon hot water along with 1 ounce Citrophos. Brush wash the dull components with this solution.


Step 4 Sanitize prior to milking. Citrophos Acid Sanitizer is a registered sanitizer with a germicide effectiveness of several hours. However, if you are consuming or selling raw milk, I recommend a cold sanitize with a Citrophos solution or a chlorine solution 15 minutes prior to milking. See sanitizer label for instructions.


Warning: Do not mix wash solutions from second and third step


This items ships LTL on a pallet by freight truck only.


Spare Parts and Supplies List

7751-0041-074 DuoPfan Alkaline Detergent - 45 pounds

7751-0240-280 LAC® Low-Foam C.I.P. Acid Cleaner - Case of 4 x 1 gallon

7751-0040-321 Pree powdered chlorinated sanitizer


1085 - Hanger for SS Milking Machine bucket


1090-005 - 5/8 ID clear plastic Milk Hose / Tubing - per foot
1090-002 - 1/2 ID clear plastic vacuum hose
7527 - 5/8 x 1/2 inch barb adapter for washing vacuum hose
1090-089 - 5/8 ID silicone Milk Hose / Tubing - thinner wall - Blue Stripe


56200 Washer Spare Parts;

56200 - Complete 6 unit Washer assembly with 10 inch clear sight glass

56195 - Small Sink for Milking units

1070-604 - Large Sink for Hand Washing Milking Machine bucket and lid

38215 - Top Vacuum Elbow with blue tape

56245 - Black Plastic Block / spacer / valve guide

56213 - Gasket for Clear Sight Tube Body

56214 - 10 inch Clear Sight Tube Body

56217 - Bracket Gasket for bottom mount

38211 - Rubber Seal for top of rod

56209 - weight

56212 - stainless steel float

56216 - SS Bottom with 6 nipples

1090-002 - 1/2 inch Drain hose - sold per foot - (2 feet ships with a new washer)

56219 - Check Valve Assembly for drain hose