Hanging Weigh Scale 22 Lbs 10kg

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Hanging weigh scale.
  • 22 lb / 10 kg capacity
  • 2 oz / 50 gm gradations
  • 6 inch diameter face
  • 17 inch height from top hook to bottom hook
  • Accurate weight
  • Sturdy ABS body
  • Clear poly cover
  • Hanging hardware is included
  • Can be DHIA certified milk scale.
  • Mechanical Scale - No Batteries Required!
Excellent for farmers markets or use as a point of sale scale in any retail location
Or use to weigh lambs, pigs, or kids. 
***Scale is marked not for commercial use. but could be certified by your local jurisdiction.

***Can be DHIA certified milk scale.***

29951 407-TA781
Can be used with 7908 tray scoop
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