HD Replacement Kit for light duty Vertical Agitator drive 3 post

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Agitator Drive, gearbox and kit of conversion parts for smaller milk cooling tanks
Kit is typically for 1000 gal Tanks or less.
Fits Mueller, Surge and 3 post styles. 
Heavy Duty Replacement for
Mueller 30152
GEA Farm Technologies Inc 7750-0086-366
Babson Surge 86366
Meltec 499-1010-311
 7750-0086-212 and 86212
Kit include;
  • 31393 - now 8827899 agitator Gear Drive assembly
  • 8803710 adaptor kit with parts listed below
  • 1" reduced to 3/4" Adapter shaft for older smaller 3/4 inch shafts. (Main photo)
  • 3 stainless steel Mounting bolts
  • 3 stainless steel pipe bolt spacers
  • 1 large Roll Pin
  • 1 small Roll Pin
  • 1 roll pin keeper for 3/4 connection
  • Tube of Never seez
Made in USA
Sold by and ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Missouri
Next Day Air Shipping available by Phone order only - Call 816-449-1314


Original Parts by Paul Mueller Company
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