ITP Interpuls Adaptor for Hamby, Coburn, Caprine Supply, Parts Dept, Ezee, & DeLaval new style lids

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ITP adaptor fits Hamby single and dual inlet bucket lids listed below. Detail image is bottom view also fits new style DeLaval, Caprine Supply, Coburn, Ezee and Parts Department lids. Replacement bottom gasket and check valve available. see link below.
Original Interpuls Parts
Made in Italy
Interpuls 2809010 2809122
GEA 4999-1081-173
Related Items;
1081-173 Complete Interpuls Pulsator adapter mount
1081-174 Check valve for 1081-173 mount
1011-162 Bottom Gasket for 1081-173 mount
ITP2800063 Top Gasket for 1081-173  (was black, now white)
Fits Lids;
3300 Hamby 1 inlet lid
3302 Hamby 2 inlet lid
4999-1120-281 GEA Westfalia Surge Lid
33000 Ezee 1 inlet lid
33095 Ezee 2 inlet lid
016L   Caprine 1 goat lid
016L.2 Caprine 2 goat lid
4008082 Coburn 1 inlet lid
4008097 Coburn 1 inlet lid
4008043 Coburn 2 inlet lid
4008118 Coburn 2 inlet lid