Main body for ITP 207 Goat & Sheep autovalve

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Interpuls spare parts

Main body only for Interpuls ITP207 autovalve (claw)

#30 in drawing


Fits item shown in detail image

Spare Parts list for ITP207 Goat Sheep autovalves

ITP2079002 - Set of 2 ITP207 autovalves for Goat and sheep

ITP2070001 - Clear Body only for Interpuls ITP207

ITP2070002 - Clear Top only for ITP207

ITP2070004 - Valve (Diaphragm holder) for  ITP207

ITP2070005 - Top Ring for ITP207

ITP2070006 - Diaphragm for ITP207

ITP2070007 - Gasket for ITP207

ITP2070009 - Bottom Ring for ITP207


Original Parts (not Chinese copies)

Made in Italy by Interpuls