Major Rebuild Kit for SURGE® ALAMO 30, 40, 550 Vacuum Pumps

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Major Rebuild Kit for Alamo 40 and 550 - See detail image for actual pump.
Alamo 40 & 550 have inlet and outlet both on top of pump as pictured
Basic Rebuild Kit Includes;
  • Set of 4 high quality long life Kevlar vanes
  • Vane Dimensions;  4 inch length 2.5 inch high
  • Needle Bearing for Shaft Side
  • Bearing Race for Needle Bearing
  • Double row bearing for back side of pump
  • Shim set
  • O-ring set for end plate (Only fits later model pumps)
These parts DO NOT FIT Alamo 30 that had sealed bearings.  Alamo 30 has a side inlet and top outlet and 5 inch body pump.
Babson Surge Alamo Vacuum Pumps
Rebuild Instructions can be viewed and printed from the Manuals Tab above
For Surge Alamo vacuum pumps used in dairy barns and milking systems. This is a common pump sold from the 1950s to 1999. These were primarily installed with bucket systems or very small 2 cow pipeline systems.
The pump body is about 5 inches wide and the vanes measure 4 inches long.
The Alamo 40 had a 2 hp motor mounted on a horizontal stand. See detail picture and parts drawing for actual pump assembly
The Alamo 30 had a 1.75 motor mounted on a vertical stand.
40+ (550) Alamo Vacuum pump specs (2.4 HP) - 20 CFM - 1025 RPM - 10 inch pump pulley - 5.5 inch Motor pulley - 2.4 hp motor
Made in USA
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Call for availability of complete rebuilt pump system
March 2023