Manual Cream Separator 22 gallon per hour

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CS85 17594
Milky Manual Cream Separator (Hand Crank)
Capacity 85 Liters (90 Quarts) per hour.
Well-designed and features quality materials and workmanship throughout. Milky Manual uses the familiar spinning disc technology, but has features that improve safety, balance and durability. The attachment design of the milk tank along with the broad rubber base give good stability.
No electricity required. Great for Off the grid use.
Housing made of strong robust cast aluminum Top bowl container made from food-safe aluminum & holds 10 quarts (liters) Milk and cream outlets made of food-safe aluminum Output; 85 quarts per hour.
NOTE: The butterfat percentage of milk can affect how cream separators work, test batches may be necessary to find the correct settings and techniques. Not recommended for Jersey or Nubian milk. High butterfat milk will have an output of a very thick pudding, not the cream you are desiring.
Weight 16 lbs.
updated Feb 2024