MILK BAR™ 7 Kid & Lamb Pink Feeder

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Feed 7 kids or lambs at one time.
Award Winning New Zealand design now available for kids and lambs!
Top Seller at Hamby Dairy Supply
Thousands in use worldwide.
Feeds 7 lambs or kids Holds 15L to feed 7 lambs or kids with gradients marked in 5L increments.
Hooks fit 25 or 40mm rails.
Sturdy carry handle.
Fitted with Milk Bar Lamb/ Kid Teats for great animal health.
13 inch width x 14inch height x 13 inch depth
Replacement Nipples available (links below)
Now includes sample packet of Formula 911
The Milk Bar Lamb/ Kid Teat is a revolutionary lamb/ kid teat designed especially for gravity feed systems.
Made from the highest quality rubber, the Milk Bar Lamb/ Kid teat has no valves to clog and there is no need for time consuming tubes.
Lambs and kids suckle correctly and feed at the speed nature intended them to, leading to great lamb and kid health.
Award Winning New Zealand design now available for kids and lambs! MILK BAR™
Made in New Zealand
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    Hambry feeder

    Posted by DyAnn on Feb 6th 2021

    Love it!! I raise high quality Nubian milk goats. currently I have 14 babies which I bottle feed. After they get 2 weeks old they start bouncing off of me, my head chewing on my hair and in general having a good time. This feeder has Saved Me!! Thanks so much for saving me from a unique hair cut, haha..And a lot of time, it is really great

  • 5
    Milk Bar Bucket...7

    Posted by on Mar 25th 2019

    Ut work wonderful...