Milk Pump Seal Kit - Surge (Green Seal) GEA WestfaliaSurge

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7750-9905-300 old# 7750-0033-475
For Surge milk pumps manufactured from 1954 to ~1990 with a  3 Pin Driver and green shaft seal.
Green rubber shaft seal, graphite seal, housing gasket, 1.5 inch flapper valve (triclover and surge) and 1.5 gasket.
We recommend that you change the back plate while rebuilding your Surge milk pump.
Order 501-R136150 back plate (see link below)
Surge number 33475
Old GEA Westfalia Surge part number 7750-0033-475
New (2018) GEA WestfaliaSurge part number 7750-9905-300
Original Parts Made in USA by GEA Farm Technologies aka WestfaliaSurge