Mueller OH Milk Cooler - 1000 gallon Made in USA!

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Milk Tank with cooling and washing system
Mueller Milk Cooler - 1000 US gallon capacity. calibrated to 1057 us gallons or 4001 liters
Features & Benefits:
  • Oval tank design maximizes milk contact on cooling plates at the beginning of the first milking. This means faster cooling. The efficient design along with Mueller legendary energy efficient cooling systems mean less energy used to cool 100 degree milk down to 38 degrees.
  • Exclusive Temp-Plate® Design. Mueller’s patented Temp-Plate heat transfer surface maximizes refrigeration efficiency by increasing the surface area for heat exchange. Result: faster cooling at less cost. Cooling plates and inside refrigeration lines are all stainless steel.
  • Foam in place double-wall construction maintains high thermal storage efficiency and adds strength to the tank body.
  • Stainless steel inner tank, outer shell, and washer plumbing made from seamless 304 (18/8) stainless steel. Highly polished finish provide an attractive surface that is easy to clean and meets 3A standards. Approved for USA and Canada.
  • Adjustable legs with internal frame allow installation on unlevel floor. * Standard size manway cover seals tight to keep milk clean and cool. * Sentry® controls for automated cooling and washing. State of the art for efficient and thorough automated washing of inner tank, measuring stick and manway area. * Tank mounted Mueller-matic automatic washer with stainless steel motor make preparing the tank for washing quick and easy. * Front mounted ladder for inspection, hand washing exterior and easy hookup of product inlet pipe.
  • 3A approved tank valve
  • Factory calibrated measuring stick. Laminated chart included
  • 1 year Parts warranty (requires installation by certified installer)
  • Complies with 3A, CE, CSA, FDA standards. approved for USA and Canada
Dimensions for Mueller 1000 gallon tank;
- Length 102 inches [259cm]
- Width 71.25 inches [181cm]
- Height 61.25 inches[156cm]
Optional items:
- Chart recorder. Check with your milk inspector for temperature recording requirements in your state.
- 2 cooling plates
- second condensing unit
- FreeHeater heat Recovery unit
- Platecooler
Not included but required:
*Freight - FOB
* Professional installation required. Certified installer required. Electrical and plumbing in your barn
Repair parts available from Hamby Dairy Supply or any authorized Mueller dealer.
Other sizes available
Mueller Milk Cooler available sizes;
300   gallon
400   gallon
600   gallon
800   gallon
1000 gallon
1250 gallon
1600 gallon
2000 gallon
3000 gallon
4000 gallon
6000 gallon
8000 gallon
Pricing and available features subject to change.  Call for a quote
updated May 2023
Made in USA by Paul Mueller Company